Atlas Descent Video

Well here is my attempt at capturing the flavour of my recent Atlas mountains mountain biking trip in a 3 minute video…

Devices used in recording the video/stills were a Tachyon XC Micro helmet camera, Cannon Digital Ixus 70 and an Apple iPhone.

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  1. Though, on reflection, the camera-work’s a bit unsteady, mate. ;^)

    I’m also fascinated about how you got the shots of the riders behind you: was that mounting the camera on the back of the helmet? Or turning all the way around for dangerous stretches of time?

  2. At least I didn’t do any re-takes 🙂

    I think a post all about the helmet camera I’m using is due but in the mean time – the mount for it attaches to the helmet with a strip of 3M Dual Lock. This brilliant stuff is like velcro but about 10 times as strong! This makes it trivial to mount the camera facing backwards and to take the rear view shots you see. Turning around on that terrain – no thank you!

    Yes please to that trip!

    The camera might be a bit intimidating when you point it at strangers we meet whilst trekking. I’m sure to bring it along though. An idea I like is to get some kind of covert camera and film the whole lot. The etiquette/moral issues are TBD 🙂

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