Bloukrans Bungy Jump 2007

Backing up 7 years to 2007, I did a bunch of travelling after volunteering in Tanzania which I didn’t write about much. Well, recently I came across the video footage of the bungy jump I did and thought to myself, why wouldn’t I write about and put together a video of the single most intense thing I’ve ever done?

The Bloukrans Bridge bungy jump in South Africa is the highest commercial bungy in the world at 216m over the river. You actually jump from a platform underneath the main road surface, and just getting to the platform is an experience, involving a walkway with a mesh floor looking straight down on the valley over 200m below.

Once on the platform though, there is music pumping and people cheering – an atmosphere that helps a lot with the nerves.  At this point I wasn’t thinking too hard on what I was about to do and just generally enjoyed the camaraderie with travelling friends. Then it was my turn – they explained a lot about what was going on with the knot and what kind of force it could take, but I didn’t hear a word of it and within what seemed only a few seconds I was positioned with my toes over the edge of the platform and heard a countdown going…

And then I was over the edge and suddenly everything changed. The music and cheering were instantly replaced with the sound only of air rushing past my ears, and I was completely alone, and in free fall with the ground 200m below me. It was a mind blowingly intense feeling that is impossible to describe, but I think I’ll remember it clearly for the rest of my life. Also… it’s not just one fall, you bounce up and down with the second time feeling not so much less extreme than the first. After many bounces it seems like a long time before you finally come to rest and they start hauling you back up.

Anyway – the video gives a far better impression of this epic experience than my words can…

Thanks to:

Face Adrenalin for making this possible and for the video footage.

Kai Engel for the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

Simon Gamboni – the crazy aussie who started this whole thing and got me to extend my travel plans to do this (and way more).

Vinnie, Daniela, Luke and Dougie, for being uber travelling companions and still friends today.


3 Replies to “Bloukrans Bungy Jump 2007”

  1. Holy shit, dude.

    Thanks for going back and putting this up! Swimming with sharks next, please. (Hearing about it all while tromping around the Highlands was great, but was sadly missing the multimedia element…)

  2. What an amazing edit! I’m glad you found this video. It captured the whole experience so much better than just pictures. Must be great to have this as a document of a great moment in your life. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Fuck that! I did a 42m one and cacked my pants big time. Single most exhilarating, weird and scary experience I think I have had! I was still buzzing on adrenaline for an hour afterwards. Recommend that everyone does one once, but I wouldn’t do one again!

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