Tour du Mont Blanc 2012

Michael, Alex, Mark and I set out to walk the TMB – a 170km long route circumnavigating Mont Blanc in the Alps with around 10,000m of ascent and descent over 10 days.

We were at the very beginning of the season, staying in several refuges the day they opened for the first time in the year. Being so early, the trail was relatively quiet but we still met several others doing the same trip or some portion of it.

We stayed in a combination of B&Bs, hotels and refuge accomodation – the refuges including the absolutely delightful Refugio Bonatti (nicer than many hotels I’ve stayed in) and the  Refugio Elisabetta. The later would have probably been pretty nice except that… Michael lept to take the first shower which he managed… just! After that no more running water in the entire refuge for the duration of our stay (one 15cmx15cm wipe was my entire showering experience that night!)

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