End to End by bike

In May/June 2004 I rode 1000 miles from Lands End to Jon o’ Groats in 12 days. I did it solo as I couldn’t talk anyone into doing it with me but met lots of interesting characters along the way! This includes Ben, the son of THE potato farmer for Walkers select crisps and a guy who had added his own motor to his bike with a brake lever acting as a throttle. This was my first experience of travelling alone – and I really recommend it! I also raised 2000 pounds for UK based charity Safeline in the process and used the trip to develop some mobile blogging software (the orginal mobile blog was sadly lost due to an accident with a hard disk in a back up server called Jerry (RIP Jerry)). This was my first ever bike tour, and just made me want to do more! Maybe with some friends next time though…

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